Simple ways to declutter your kitchen and maintain it.

Simple ways to declutter your kitchen and maintain it.

If you find cooking a task, then clearing the mess in the kitchen after cooking must feel like moving a mountain. We are not talking about just the dishes, but maintaining a clean kitchen counter and putting everything back where it belongs.  

Facing this everyday?

Well, you don’t have to anymore. Our decluttering and kitchen organising tips will help you do the drill in less time and maintain a clean kitchen. Always!


#Tip1 – Place appliances on the counter as per frequency of their use.

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In many homes, people tend to keep a lot of appliances they don’t even use every day, right on the kitchen counter just because their interior designer created a special place for the juicer/blender or rice cooker or the air fryer. More often than not, while designing the kitchen, we don’t know which appliance will be more frequently utilized and even the ones that aren’t end up staying in their designated place. Apart from gathering dust, grime and moisture, they block additional space that could otherwise be available to us. So, first things first, anything that one doesn’t use every day shouldn’t be on the kitchen counter. If you don’t use your juicer every day, stack it inside one of the cupboards. You can use kitchen cupboard organisers to keep things in place and still accessible.


#Tip2 – Dips, Creams, Jams, Pickles, Marmalades, Nut butters, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Chili flakes…and the list goes on.

I like peanut butter on my toast, my husband likes mayo, honey mustard with greens & cottage cheese, my daughter likes chocolate syrup or butter. How many times can you take them out of the kitchen cabinets and keep them back! We are just a family of three in this house. Now imagine bigger households who will have more varied taste palettes. Most of us prefer that all these items stay at our arms’ length on the dining table or kitchen counter, if they don’t need refrigeration. You can arrange them on a tall shelf on the counter or create space in one of the kitchen drawers. If your kitchen has less space, you can also keep these jars and bottles on your dining table or a side table on our two - tiered dessert tray that can double up as a stacker.


#Tip3 – Baskets & Bins should solve problems & not create them.

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Some people keep their storage baskets/racks and bins on the counter to store potatoes, onions, fruits, cloth bags, napkins etc. It may save you time but will eat your kitchen counter space. It’s better to invest in racks and baskets that stand on the floor or can be organised in the kitchen cupboards. You can also use cloth bags to hang onions, potatoes, garlic etc. from decorative hooks on the kitchen wall.


#Tip4 – Number of dishes lying on the counter is directly proportional to cooking time.

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Whether it’s dirty dishes or washed ones, there is always a time between meals that they create a pile on the counter. It doesn’t just clutter the space; it makes it tough finding things we need for cooking our next meal when there’s so much mess on the table.

We get that it’s not possible to do the dishes as soon they get dirty. Let’s try to break this problem by prioritizing tasks; first off, we should try to remove the dirty dishes and put them in the sink and the clean ones can be kept on a drying rack or wiped to be put back in the drawers they belong. If there are still some dirty dishes left and the sink is full, we can wash them first and put them for drying on the rack. Only then should we move on to making the next meal. You may feel its time consuming but trust me you will save lot of time instead while cooking and less cleaning to do afterwards.


#Tip5 – Placing decorative items that are fun as well as functional.

Every modern household wants their kitchen to look pretty apart from being fully functional. Even there, we can make some wise choices. For instance, instead of using a decorative plant, we can put herbs in cute pots near the kitchen window. Corners are usually less utilized in a kitchen and hence placing them there is the best option. A lot of us must already have a cutlery organiser or a stand for ladles and spatulas; but we can also use quirky, yet usable items to add a nice aesthetic to your kitchen space. I have a hand-painted teapot that is functional as well as decorative on the side rack in my kitchen. Similarly, lot of people hang their wooden chopping boards/platters on the kitchen wall; it saves space and looks pretty.



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