Here are five ways to boost your kid's organisation skills.

Here are five ways to boost your kid's organisation skills.

After the outrage of the coronavirus, things have finally started to look a little positive now. With the virus settling down and lockdown lifting, things are getting back to normal. And in no time, you will see yourself enjoying a cup of coffee with your colleagues. You will see your kids running around in a park with their best friends. Though you might have held yourself together all this time, your kids might have gotten a little unsystematic. Especially when it comes to their toy organiser, study materials, room, clothing, etc., it might look more chaotic than it was before the pandemic. With all this together, you may find yourself in deep water. But, do not worry, because we are here to take this problem off your plate.

Here are five ways that can help your child lead an organised life:

Design a routine

Crafting a routine will help your kids believe they have good control over their lives. By routine, we don't mean you put down every small detail in it; you just need to find a list of chores that your kids practise every day and assign a timeline to it. It will not only help them prioritize their work but also keep them away from exhaustion. 


Create a to-do list

The best and easiest way to get your kids organised is to have a to-do list. Your kid's to-do list should be: visually appealing, well-planned and easy to understand. Unlike routine, it does not have a timeline but should have checkboxes instead. So, your kids are happy once they put all their toys in the kids toy organiser and put a tick mark beside the task assigned.


Have a separate space for everything

Before their adolescent age, kids are not well aware of different compartments for everything. You can introduce them to this concept by creating separate boxes or baskets for their belongings. If you do not wish to impair the look of your room, you can get toy storages for kids, a clothes basket, a kids’ bookcase, etc., from online stores. It will be easy for your kids and also save your time spent searching for their favourite toy.



Be prepared before the sun's out

One of the habits you might have also adapted as a kid is packing for school the night before. Since now the schools have come home in the form of e-learning, you can get your kids organised for the same. Preparing in advance will help them in forward-thinking and keep stress at bay. If it feels too much at the moment, start small. First, ask them to keep their homework for the next day ready, and maybe after a week or so, you can ask them to arrange their bookshelf according to the timetable or fold their laundry. One habit at a time, and you will see your kids improve their organisational skills.



A token of appreciation

Lastly, as every kid responds well to praise, do not forget to appreciate your kids' efforts. Just like a three-star on their homework makes them feel happy and proud, a token of appreciation from you will make them feel elated. It will also work as a motivation for those struggling and help them stay positive throughout. An appreciation does not have to be a treat or a gadget; you can also convey it by buying them a toy organiser. Doing so will take them a step closer to transforming into well-organised kids.

These organisational habits, when put into action, will change your kids' personalities. As for you, it will be a sense of relief, while, for them, it will be a sense of freedom and individuality that helps them build a persona. You will notice that they are learning new skills, taking responsibility, and prioritising. Try out these simple organisational tips and let us know if they worked. Till then, stay organised, stay happy!

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