7 Easy Ways to Declutter - Your Guide to Clutter free living

7 Easy Ways to Declutter - Your Guide to Clutter free living

How many times does it happen to us that we can’t find the nail filer when we need it the most? Or that stapler that is lost somewhere in the drawers? Or that white spaghetti top that’s essential under the sheer top but we just can’t seem to remember where we kept it?

We have the things we need every day, but more often than not we can’t find them because we don’t designate an exact place to the plethora of items, we, the modern urban individuals, own.

This is where you can spring into action with two essential things – declutter and organise.

Now, don’t get intimidated! We share with you, a few manageable and easy tricks to tidy up your home and workspace so that you can find more space and time for yourself.


#Tip1 - Keep your essentials separate from your non-essentials.

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I know I know!!!

You must have been sick and tired of hearing the words essentials and non-essentials this year, but this is necessary to save time. Whether it’s your casual outfits, workout outfits, night pyjamas, daily skin care products / hair care products, etc. etc., keep them separate and in places that save your time – think storage boxes, some quirky holders, a makeup organiser or simply separate spaces in your closet. Never mingle clothes/makeup you hardly wear with those you use more frequently. You will be amazed to experience the amount of time you save by this simple routine.


#Tip2 - No matter how much you try, not everything will find place in a drawer; no matter how many drawers you have...

So, this one is basically for things used by many people like house keys, car keys, Remote control for TV, AC or essentials that have to be taken along while leaving home like Identity cards, masks (in times of Covid-19). Hence, it’s best to have them on a decorative tray/shelf doubling up as a stacker near main door. You can also hang things like keys, ID cards on a key holder as it gives a neater look to the entrance.

This can also hold true for your kitchen essentials (something we can all agree never fit into all the drawers), which can be easily stacked separately – a cutlery holder or a  cake tray doubling up as a holder for small snack jars – things you can easily reach out for many times in a day.


#Tip3 – Invest in a basket for clean laundry and not just dirty laundry.

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Just like we don’t wash clothes instantly as soon as we take them off, we don’t necessarily fold and sort the laundry right out of the dryer. There is always a time gap (for most of us at least). And the last thing we want is a clumsy stack of clothes on the bed/chair/table or anywhere in sight. This way, finding that spaghetti top we spoke of in the beginning becomes quite easy coz there are only 3 places to look – dirty laundry basket, clean laundry basket & your wardrobe.


#Tip4 – Toys, Toys and ah! more toys.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” ― James Baldwin

This one is specifically for the parents of toddlers tired of picking up and putting toys back through the day. The only way to organise the toys that they bring out a gazillion times in the day is to store them in an open rack or open bins which are at their height. This way they will learn the habit of decluttering and sorting from a young age. Also, it can be a fun activity for parents as well as toddlers to sort toys as per colour, function, and material.


#Tip5 – Tangled wires = Tangled Productivity

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There are more chargers and cables than the devices we use on a regular basis.

The best way to resolve this is by using a sticky note, a cotton yarn ball, and a tape.

Just coil the cables and wires you use sparingly in a box and use the yarn to keep it together. Put the sticky note and tape it on the plug, so that you don’t lose the note every time and do not have to sort it again.


#Tip6 - Sorting things one has received as gifts is one of the toughest things.

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We have all been there; receiving a gift we already own (like an electrical appliance), or something we don’t need immediately (like a summer dress), but we tend to hoard. An important aspect of decluttering is passing on things that you don’t need. It’s understandable if they are given by someone very dear, but if you have received gifts on your wedding or your child’s birthday, there might be many things that can be given up without any guilt.

The best way to sort these is to make a box of all things that you already own or don’t need immediately and put in your store or somewhere where you generally keep your suitcases. You can check them when you must gift someone on their special day before deciding to buy a gift. This way you can save money apart from decluttering.


#Tip7– There will always be these tiny trinkets that won’t find a place anywhere.

Wall Mount Jewellery Organiser with small boxes

So often than not, the smallest of things are the most important parts of an outfit or a piece of jewellery – things we just can’t lose! But we can’t seem to find a place for their safe storage. It’s best to maintain a small jar with a lid and keep them in a drawer like a ‘Lost and Found’ box.

Or if you want to find and place these knick-knacks readily, instead of designating another box you might misplace, you can check out this jewellery organiser with small boxes that can take care of all things miscellaneous and also look pretty as a part of wall décor.






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