5 Easy Tips to Organise your Study/Workstation at home

5 Easy Tips to Organise your Study/Workstation at home

Considering that most of us have to work from home this year, it’s not feasible to work all day long sitting on couch or dining table. Its imperative that we have a dedicated place from where making calls, presenting PPTs or even working on new product launches by yourself is conducive. This is as important for getting things done on time as it is for healthy body postures during elongated work hours. There are some issues that we face all day long if there isn’t a dedicated organised workstation at home. Here we are with our tips for decluttering and organising your study/workstation at home.


1. I can find everything on my table except for what I am looking for?

Stapler, Phone, Pens, Punching machine, files, plants, souvenirs...blah, blah, blah. More often than not, the first day of the week or the month is when we arrange our desk; something applicable to the ones who are a little more organized.  For most of the days, however, we just try to find enough space for our laptops and phones to fit on the desk. Like we always say, organisation isn’t a one-time project, it’s a practice. Keeping things back at their designated place is very important for a clutter-free desk and much more important for finding them the next time. Enter, stationery and file organisers. To organize study table or workstations, you can use desk organisers or drawer organisers to put together all your stationery. You can also stack your files on a rack or neatly put them in a file organiser.


2. Where do I keep my bag?

Most of the home studies or workstations have no provision for the myriad bags/sleeves that are used to carry & protect laptops, cameras, iPads, files, etc. It makes a lot of sense to have a table with drawers big enough to keep the empty bags/ sleeves. Or if your table doesn’t have more than one drawer, then it is best to keep the bigger bags under the table.  Hanging them on hooks or keeping them on open racks will make the place look unkempt.


3. Souvenirs and Mementos do not clutter, they make us belong!

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Don’t we just love to add priced possessions to our workstations - awards, family portraits, plants, gifts from friends and co-workers, etc. They personalize the space, give it a certain character and motivate us to do better. Sometimes, these items may look like clutter but getting rid of them may give a feeling of emptiness and detachment to the place where we want to unleash our highest potential. So, the best way to place them is at the eye level. Since we are talking about home workstations and not office, you can always add a small rack just to add things that bring you luck and joy like that plant your spouse gifted , your parents’ picture, religious symbols or souvenirs from family and friends.


4. Who took my Pen???

Pens, pencils, erasers, paper pins; in fact, all the small items go missing often. You may find them long after you have lost them - in between file sheets, notepads or even under your desk - but by then you would have already replaced them with new stationery. The main reason we keep losing our stationery is that we place it on a much larger space like the desk or drawer where small items tend to get lost. Keeping such small items in a small pen holder or using drawer partitions is the wiser choice.


5. Printer/ Scanner taking too much space in the study!?

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